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Senior Portrait
Senior Photography

Looking for the latest trend in Black and White? Or something more with your school colors? Bring your pet, favorite instrument, lettermen's jacket, hobby, latest outfit. Whatever! Got an outdoor activity? Horses? New car? We take pictures that stand out from the rest, and you'll have so much fun doing them!

Design Your Own Session

Mix & Match modules for your ultimate Senior session!

The classic look, designed to stand the test of time.
Simple, subdued backgrounds, head & shoulder poses....
Updated for the millenium!!!

What's your thing?
A car, uniform, sports outfit, sports gear, band outfit/gear, friend, pet? You Name It.
Express your personality!

Great for comfortable, relaxed fun poses.
Close-up, 3/4 and full length poses.

Black and White
Prints can be black and white... OR
choose a colored tint... like you see in your favorite magazines.
Cool Poses! Attitude!

Fantasy Fix
Cool Stuff! Funky Backgrounds! Smoke! Fire! Colored Lights!

On location around the metroplex.
Lakes, Parks, Hit the Streets, Rough & Tough or High Fashion, most anywhere!
No FAKE backgrounds!!!

Each session module is 40-45 minutes long with unlimited clothes changes allowed within this time frame. Outdoor and Fashion Modeling modules require more time.

Senior Portraits are some of the most important portraits of your life. Unfortunately, some seniors only find out what they missed when they begin trading wallets with friends. A great look starts with choosing the best....Hart Photography. Any questions?


Seniors of 2003
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